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We are changing!

I am excited to announce that A Light Hearted Life is in a state of transition and growth! We are entering our second year in service and my initial call to start this nonprofit was to share the love of Jesus with others, which is why I started a Facebook page and YouTube Channel. But then with the pandemic in full swing and a lot of excited energy I thought what better way to demonstrate the love of Jesus than than by serving his people? And thus, our nonprofit was born! But now a year later, as I reflect on the experiences in our first year and peer into the future of what I want this nonprofit to accomplish, I feel the need to grow and expand our mission. We are always going to be an organization that helps others in service and love, but I want A Light Hearted Life to lead others to a relationship with Jesus. So, in the coming weeks and months you will see that our events calendar will be focused on faith and ministry events that tie together our mission of helping others AND growing in our faith! I look forward to bringing you opportunities to help others in our community and events to grow in your understanding of who Jesus is and how he wants us to live. I hope you will join us in accomplishing these things but most of all, I want my life and my ministry to be an example of how we all can live a "light" hearted life--pointing to Jesus, who is the light of the world!

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