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Share YOUR story

Has God ever done something amazing in your life? Have you ever felt like someone else could benefit from hearing how Jesus has changed your life for the better? If that's your story, we at Light Hearted Life Ministries would love to know about it. We each have our own unique story but we are a part of a much bigger story, authored by God our Father! When we share the lessons we've learned or the transformations we've experienced due to a relationship with our creator-- we are not only glorifying Him but we are adding to the kingdom of hope that God created for each one of us.

We are seeking women who're willing to share their story, either through writing a blog or with a short

video so that we can bring hope to others who may need just the perfect encouragement that only your story can provide! No story is too small or simple if it's testifying to the grace, mercy, healing, hope, change or miracle work of Jesus Christ.

If you would like to share a part of your story with our ministry, please contact us at: If you have read this far in the blog, we believe that God is nudging your heart to step out in faith and spread His life saving love with other women like you. You never know how BIG an impact your story could have on the life of another person. Don't miss out on that incredible opportunity! God bless you all!

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