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Serving others is so satisfying!

Last Tuesday, we prepared a delicious and hot meal to serve at Supper and Showers for the homeless friends who live in and around Katy. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Hope Impacts organizes a meal for anyone who visits Crosspoint Community Church to get a meal and a hot shower. Many of the people we met are in various types of living situations, such as sleeping on a friend's sofa, living out of their car, living in a tent or on the street. Our organization has sponsored a few meals in the past and every time it is such a fun experience. The people there are very gracious and so appreciative of the food and the fellowship.

The best part about serving like this, is the relationships you create with others. I recognized some of the people I have served in the past and we struck up some familiar conversations. I always make a point of asking each person their name and introducing myself so that we can feel like friends the next time we see each other. I got the opportunity to pray with one woman, Cathy, about her current living situation and for her to find a job in her field of expertise. She actually lives in a home with 2 other elderly women, and in exchange for her room and board, she cooks and cleans and helps take care of them. She is looking for work she can do online from home--and she's in her 70's! She comes to Supper and Showers so that she can supplement her meager income from social security and because she enjoys meeting new people. She actually invited me to come back on a Thursday because they have a small band that plays and they sing Christian songs.

What I have learned about serving is that the joy that you bring to others, actually fills your own heart to the brim as well. It's not that we should serve so that we get something out of it, but because we are putting others first, and when we do the Holy Spirit fills our cup with peace, joy and love.

It's understandable that it can be a bit overwhelming for anyone to step out and serve since it's not necessarily in our comfort zone to try new things and be vulnerable. That's how I used to feel! But I would like to encourage you to take a chance, and give it a try. We will have events posted here on our website and we would love to invite you to join us anytime. I promise you, you will not be sorry! I'm including some pictures here of what it was like so you can see, it's not that scary.

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