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Let Me Hurt

I heard a song playing in the background of a show I was watching, and it spoke to my soul and my spirit. I started thinking again of a wound that I just recently realized was not healed.

We all experience hurts and carry the pain with us deep within our soul where we bury it, usually has a coping mechanism. We sometimes express this pain on the outside through anger, depression, anxiety, and isolation just to name a few anchors of hurt. Trying to lift the weight of those anchors that hold us down in our hurt is too much for anyone to do alone. We all need God, and other people who love God in our lives to help. For many of us though, we find asking for help or allowing others to help as shameful or as a weakness.

The lyrics to the song, really outlined for me not just where I have been, but also where I have seen those I love, end up, or remain anchored. The song is, Let Me Hurt by Emily Rowed. (It plays in the background during an episode of Sweet Magnolia). Here is the first verse, maybe you can relate or know someone who can:

I am unfolding

I am not holding on

Shattered in pieces

I am the broken one

If you only knew the chaos

Inside my head

Wish that I could run but I’m just

not ready yet

I have been where she is talking about. Holding on to my brokenness; sometimes knowingly and other times unknowingly until that hurt is triggered. It almost feels safer to sit in that pain than to try dredging up those anchors. The next verse of the song really helps build a case for why it’s important to seek after a relationship with God. We cannot truly build up the strength to truly heal wounds as deep as the ones implied in this song without a genuine relationship with Jesus.

Just let me hurt a little longer

I’m in a war with no armor

Need to cry an ocean before I’m


The song goes on just indicating more mindsets we take on to keep us anchored in bondage by our relational pain. What struck me about the second verse was the line that said, I’m in a