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  • Tammy Bircher

In Life's Darkest Moments, Glory be to God

It’s when we come through difficult times that all the Glory shines to God.

When I first realize I’m facing a difficult situation, my immediate instinct is to figure out what I did to deserve the situation I am in. Which of my actions led me to this terrible situation? Sometimes I find no answer, which many times makes me think I am unworthy of a “good” life.

I think I’ve become an expert at facing challenging life moments. I’ve faced so many between losing both parents, failed marriages, job loss, bad financial decisions, and mistakes with my words and actions. Through all of this I have learned I am my worst critic. I’m harder on myself than anyone else, which has led to me not forgiving myself for the simplest of mistakes and especially my bigger mistakes. This then weighs me down, restricting my possibilities.

What I have learned most throughout these trials in life is that there has always been something good to come out of it. Every trial has taught me to look at things differently the next time, it’s given me growth in wisdom, growth in relationships, appreciation for my true friends and family and especially above all things I have developed growth in my relationship with God through each challenging moment. God did not create us to control us, and for Him to protect us from all difficult life moments He would have to control our thoughts and actions! Instead, he created us to develop a Christ-like love for all those around us. He created us to love Him by choice, not just because it’s the right thing to do. As we face our challenges throughout life, we develop a love for Him and others around us by seeing His work in our lives through those trials we have faced.

I’m not good at seeing what led to my difficult situation while I am in the midst of it, I normally see clearly once I’ve come out of that very stressful circumstance. I will probably always be that way but what I have learned is to know in the moment, that He has something better for me waiting around the corner. I’ve learned to get excited in the difficult moment for what He has in store for me post this life lesson I am currently in. “Get excited in the difficult moment.” I know that sounds impossible, but with Him it isn’t. As Philippians 4:13 says; “All things are possible through Christ Who Strengthens Me.”

What led me to get excited during my darkest moments and not knowing when I would see hope in my days ahead, was that it’s precisely those feelings that led me to truly lean on Jesus Christ and call out to him for any sign of hope. In those moments He showered His Holy Spirit over me, gifting me that hope, teaching me to trust and have faith in Him, no matter what my current situation looked like.

In the midst of our difficult moments in life, Jesus reminds lean on Him. “Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world”(John 16:33). As we do this, we grow our faith in Him, we learn to understand and love others like Him, and we learn to thank Him for his mercies. And we learn to thank Him for those difficult moments because our hearts are fuller from our growth through those life lessons.

I challenge you in your next trial (because we will always have them) to focus not on the sorrow but on Jesus, who carries us through. I challenge you to get excited about what He has in store for you around the corner! He is not allowing you to go through the difficulty because you are not worthy, He is allowing you to grow closer to Him, to fulfill the purpose He has for you on earth. He is allowing you to bond with Him even more so you can be His next disciple. How cool is that! You are so important to Him that He wants these moments with you personally!

What good is it to go through life gaining a closeness to God, learning to be more Christ-like to others and seeing how God got us through life, if we do not give Him ALL the Glory?! All Glory to God!

I’ve added a few tips given to me that helped me start my journey to growing closer with God through my darker moments in life.

Cross your arms around yourself, grabbing each shoulder, squeezing yourself. Close your eyes and imagine God giving you a hug.

Whisper four simple words, not in your head but verbally whisper “Jesus, I trust you”

Picture Jesus sitting in the corner of the room listening to you. He is our life counselor, talk to Him.

Picture Jesus saying your name gently and lovingly, “______, talk to me, what’s going on? Let’s figure this out together.”

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